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Allentown Equipment

Company Name: Allentown Equipment
Category: Equipment
Country: USA
Adress: 421 Schantz Road Allentown-PA
ZIP: 18104
Website: http://www.allentownequipment.com
Company Profile
The History of Allentown – Defining an Industry for 95 Years The first steps towards the development of the process known as “Shotcrete” were taken over 100 years ago and Allentown Equipment has been an integral part of this development from the very beginning. Today, Allentown is the premiere manufacturer of dry and wet process shotcrete equipment including pumping and gunning equipment and accessories. The process of spraying mortar onto a surface at high velocity was first used around the turn of the 20th century. Its inventor, Dr. Carl E. Akeley, used it to create life-like plaster forms of animals for use in his taxidermy work. Soon proto-types were developed for large-scale building projects and the process was formally introduced to the construction industry at the 1910 Cement Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. In 1911 The Cement Gun Company (now known as Allentown Equipment) was formed. For the next 50 years the company and its registered trademark “Gunite” were synonymous with the sprayed concrete construction industry. Only materials that conformed to a strict mix design, met company specified application requirements and were placed by a genuine “Cement Gun” could be called Gunite. Today, Allentown Equipment continues as the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of pressure tank guns, rotor guns, rotary bowl guns, wet process pumps, high pressure pumps and high-quality parts and accessories. For over 95 years Allentown Equipment has been leading the sprayed concrete industry and today the company can boast of having a front office staff with over 125 years of combined experience in the shotcrete business. Allentown is committed to having the industry’s best service and is constantly striving towards the goal of zero downtime for their customers. The heavy-duty design and construction of Allentown machines keeps them up and running even under the most demanding conditions. Equipment Overview Allentown Equipment is the premier manufacturer of dry- and wet-process shotcrete equipment, including pumping and gunning equipment and accessories. As the industry leader, Allentown Equipment’s product line includes pressure tank guns, rotor guns, rotary bowl guns, wet process pumps, and high pressure pumps. Click on a product link below for more information.